A214 -11/16/2019


Hello tonight,
Wax Museum Research continues. Your child can always bring their work home but they need to bring any work back to school the following day for work time.

November 8th.1. Born 8/13/1792


IB ( of Scholars) --Give examples in your History Maker's life when they were knowledgeable, caring, balanced, etc... Your child will need to  review their notes and reading to give examples by (3 Worksheets).




NEW! Starting next week--------------------------Study Hall! -------------------------------------------------


12:05-12:35   LOCATION: Room 203


This study hall is child centered, where students take responsibility for learning. It is the student’s choice.


If the student feels they need time to do homework, need help with classwork, they want to have extra time to get help or a space to work independently.






It is NOT:

NOT as punishment

NOT Time out because of a behavior issue.

NOT because they forgot boots or it’s too cold outside.

NOT indoor recess


ALL students should have 30 minutes of recess daily (per district policy). If a student chooses not to go to recess to receive extra help, ---by their own choice (totally optional), ---- then they may come to study hall.


Students will have an entrance slip to say why they are there. It will be signed by Ms. Glocker before they leave.



Ongoing Homework------Book Report/ Reflection which will be due 12/8. 
Yes, students can use their Wax Museum Who Was ?  biography book for the book report. Please, no graphic novels or Captain Underpants or Dog Man books. Thank you.
Please continue to save and bring in small cardboard boxes (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and any sized small boxes) into class for a local, state, and national government project. Thank you!
I always encourage reading and working on math facts.
All my best,
Susan Saly
3rd Grade
Lake Harriet Lower Campus School
Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.
Chinese proverb

Feel free to bring in more books to class as well as read online, watch video clips, watch appropriate movies, etc... about your person at home!  

Students can always work at home to catch up!they will complete most of the work here at school. The one item they do need to do at home is find 5 to 7 pictures relating of their person and print them.  Then they should bring them to school.  The sooner the better.  That way they can write their captions and mount them on the paper. Please, no bigger than  5 X 7 or 6 X 8 so the pictures can fit on the board and no smaller than 3 x 4. 


Students will have this in their Wax Museum Folder on Tuesday 10/22 at school: 





You can always work ahead!

__X___Step 1: Choose your History Maker by 10/21. Keep notes in your (To be handed out 10/21) 


1. Born 8/13/1792


IB ( of Scholars) --Give examples in your History Maker's life when they were knowledgeable, caring, balanced, etc... Your child will need to  review their notes and reading to give  (3 Worksheets).

_____Step 5: Begin writing the speech Rough Draft using notes in chronological order. A paragraph (at least 5-10 facts) from each sheet. Rough Draft due by December 5th. Use your time well in class!

_____Step 6: Edit and FINAL DRAFT December 13th.  Use your time well in class! 

We have the boards so no need to buy!  


December 20th at 3:00 p.m. - 3:50 p.m. in the LHLC Lunchroom

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Book Reflection Expectations (Book Report)


            After you have finished a book write a reflection of no less than 4 paragraphs.  Each paragraph should have a topic and closing sentence as well as 3 or4 or more detail sentences.

Paragraph 1 is a reflection paragraph.  Tell what you really liked/disliked about this book.  Why is the setting important (or not)?  Is the book realistic or not and why?  How could the author improved upon the book?

Paragraph 2 is a connection paragraph.  Talk about how the characters, events or setting remind you of someone, some event or somewhere and why.  How can you relate to the book?  Have you had a similar situation in your own life?  How did the connections make you feel?

Paragraph 3 is an inquiry paragraph.  What questions do you have after reading this book.  For example, why did the characters________?  How might a person’s life have been different if__________?   Did the time the book was written in, affect the way the book was written?  If so how?

Lastly in paragraph 4, identify what genre the book is from and explain how you know this.  What clues in the text support your opinion?


Scoring Guide:

4 points: included all the items in your reflections with complete paragraphs

3 points: missed one item in the reflection or do not have complete paragraphs

2 points: missed 2 items in the reflection or have incomplete paragraphs

1 point: missed 3 items in the reflection or have no paragraphs