A214 -10/11/2019
  • Most students have  published(single space) their Constellation Stories. We had a lot of time these past two weeks to work on our stories and work.  Also, Ms. Beer in art is working with the students on their illustration for their story.  Most students have finished their illustration. Final stories published by the 10th of October and for those not finished  please take the weekend to finish for 10/14- assist as needed. 😃
The class and I went over this week's 10/7 Spelling Words (Stays in Homework Folder until next week.  Let's do the spelling test Monday  10/14 since we have a short conference/MEA week next week.
became, raised, explained, separate, favored, swayed, plain, vain (long a) 
 dejected, eject, injection, interjection, jettison (ject= to throw)
Extra:  projectile, projector, reject.subject, trajectory 
 I also introduced the word/meaning sort which is to be reviewed, glued down (use the page with the correct word/definitions), and handed in by Friday 10/11- or take the weekend to review and finish.  I have extra copies at school. (Again, the papers should be in your child's Homework Folder.
This week's spelling words and Constellation Story (until completed)  stays in your child's daily Homework Folder.
We mapped our classroom and the playground his week and the students did well with their mapping skills. 
The fact +  -  triangles  and pink + sheet are tools to help your child practice their math addition and subtraction facts. Please feel free to use and practice as you and your child see fit. Even just a few minutes several times a week can help. Old fashioned flashcards work well, too. Students are welcome to hand in the pink + worksheet whenever they may finish.
All other papers can stay at home for you and your child to review.

Scholastic Book Fair next Monday and Tuesday. We will going as a class right after recess at 12:45 P.M. Feel free to have your child bring money one or both days to purchase books.  

Have a lovely weekend,

All my best,