behavior incentives

Mrs. Rice's Green Tickets

I have green tickets printed up which I hand out throughout the day when I see a Super Star (that's what I call my class) being a great first grader.  We have talked about being responsible, respectful, and ready.  The children know that when they get to 10 green tickets they can trade them in for a small prize like a pencil, new crayons, chap stick, personal hand sanitizer etc.  

We are  also working on the Zones of Regulations.  We will be doing this all year.  Children are taught about the 4 zones and tools to help them cope when they find themselves in a zone.  The zones are

     *Green Zone= I am all good and feeling fine.  I am ready to be a great first grader.

     *Blue zone= I might be tired, have a headache, not feel well, be sad.   I can ask for a hug, go to the nurse, get a band-aid or an ice pack, I can lay down, get a drink  of water,  take some deep breaths. 

    *Yellow zone= I might be excited, silly, frustrated, anxious, worried.  I can use a tool from the tool box,  hug impulsive puppy, pet be calm bunny, talk to myself with the whisper phone, take a break at the cow desk.

    *Red zone=I might be yelling, screaming, aggressive, crying.  I can stay safe and use a tool that will help me calm down.