2nd Grade Curriculum


  • Earth Science: Air & Weather
  • Physical Science: Force & Motion
  • Physical Science: Solids & Liquids
  • Life Science: Animal Life Cycles
  • Practice of Science and Engineering
  • STE(A)M Days- To Be Announced


        Learning targets (MN Standards):

  • 1.1 I can skip count by 2s, 5s, and 10s forward and back
  • 1.2 I can extend a repeating number pattern
  • 1.3 I can represent # patterns to solve patterns
  • 1.4 I can compose and decompose numbers to 20 and problem solve
  • 1.5 I can identify 10 more and 10 less of a two digit number
  • 1.6 I can describe and represent whole numbers to 100 using 10s
  • 1.7 I can compare and order whole numbers to 100
  • 1.8 I can use mental place value stategies to +/- 2 digit numbers



  • Unit 1: Civic Skills
  • Unit 2: Economics
  • Unit 3: Geography
  • Unit 4: History
  • Second Step- skills for learning empathy, emotion management and problem solving
  • Zones of Regulation- Different zones of colors to help regulate feelings


MATH- Focused instruction year-at-a-glance

  • Unit 1: Patters and relational thinking to 20
  • Unit 2: #s to 1,000 and rational thinking to 1000
  • Unit 3: Place value to 1,000 & Problem Solving
  • Unit 4: Algebraic Thinking
  • Unit 5: Geometry and Measurement
  • Use guided math groups to differentiate, teacher and district AMC intervention program used for further student support.  Tues/Thurs After-school Math/Reading program for qualifying students.



  • Unit 1: Establishing Readers Workshop- creative writing
  • Unit 2: Readers make sense of text- narrative writing
  • Unit 3: Readers make sense of text- informational writing
  • Unit 4: Readers understand how stories work- opinion writing
  • Unit 5: Nonfiction readers learn new information- informational writing
  • Unit 6: Readers understand how different genres work- poetry, fables
  • Unit 7: Readers think critically about text- author study
  • Guided reading groups, teacher read a loud, shared interactive reading and writing, partner reading, literature circles, independent reading, word study to build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Teacher interventions used for further student support. reading corp and tuesday and thursday reading and math after school ALC class offered to qualifying students.



  • Communication- Children and aducts should go to the teacher first before others with questions/concerns (helpful on the same day)
  • Volunteer- Contact classroom reps or PTA.  You are appreciated
  • Join PTA- Get involved and the whole school benefits
  • Contact- Teachers respond within 48 hours to emails.  Please remember we are with children all day and often have AM Meetings.
  • Learn about useing a growth mindset described in Carol Dweck's Mindset book: embrace challenges, persist with obstacles, use effort to path of mastery, learn from critcism, find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.  Mistakes happen with learning.



  • Art Adventure with Mpls Institue of Art- 2 themes per year
  • Ordway Music/Theater Performance June 1st, 2016
  • JR Achievement (5 lessons in Spring)
  • Many guest speakers : SWHS Green Team, Bee Specialists, DNR, community groups, Hamline University- Physics dept, U of M Chemistry Dept
  • Sunnyside Nursery Field Trip in spring
  • Midwest Food Connection- 5 lessons in spring
  • Grade 2 Earth Day School-Wide Garage Sale- Earth Friendly Service Project
  • Monthly At-Home Projects (listed on grade 2 website)
  • In School Assemblies



  • Use interest surveys, higher level critical thinking skills, projects and group work
  • Creating the environment classroom embraces differentiation.  We are all scholars and we will grow.  To do this we consider the following ideas:  Practice Academic Humility- we are eager to learn and class is intellectually stimulating, Facilitate Leadership- Celebrate courage and make students feel safe to take academic risks, Provide Interactive Modeling- teach children to notice and internalize expected behaviors of a scholar, Incorporate Concept-Based Teaching-Opportunities for global thinkiers and interdisciplinary connections



  • Harvest Party Celebration- Thursday, October 28th (parent led)
  • Friendship Party- Thursday, February 11th (parent led)
  • Grade 2 End of Year Party- Linden Hills Park, Thursday AM, June 2nd (parent led)
  • School-wide Citizen of the Month- starting in October
  • Student Performed Music Programs- with Mr. Brown-- Winter (12/16) and Spring (5/18)