Band & Orchestra
Band and Orchestra are performance-based classes that require participation and effort outside of class to maximize progress and learning. 
A primary aim of the instrumental music program at LHCS is to develop sensitive musicians rather than simply technicians.

4th & 5th Grade Bands & Orchestras

Middle School Band & Orchestra

Music selection for study and performance is from a variety of sources including music rooted in the history of a variety of religions and cultures, and is chosen primarily for musical and educational merit. There is emphasis on classics as well as exploring “new” music. The cultural and historical significance of music is an important consideration when choosing repertoire. Of course, the study and preparation of music of this nature is in no way to be construed as advancing any specific belief, religion, or cultural practice. Information will be presented during concerts as “program notes” to provide context and significance of the selections chosen for performance. 

Middle School Band Syllabus

Middle School Orchestra Syllabus