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Lake Harriet Community School has a distinguished music department in the Minneapolis Public School district. Nurturing the habits of excellence-in-performance, comprehensive musicianship and music literacy are paramount objectives to our aim of establishing a solid foundation for students to become successful and life-long musicians. 

MusicNotes Blog stay easily informed about upcoming events and the curricular happenings in the Instrumental Music Dept. 

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5th Grade Band & Orchestra Registration

4th Grade Band & Orchestra Registration

PRACTICE:  Effort Creates Ability - when you want to get good at anything you have to practice at it. Learning to play a musical istrument in no different. 

Consistent practice is expected. Practicing at home obviously has consequences for the entire family. Please see the practice page for further explanation. 

Middle School practice logs are due Quarterly. The minimum practice requirement for Middle School students is 120 minutes per week (≈30 minutes per day/4 days per week).  

Primary Grades practice charts will be reviewed at their lessons. The minimum practice requirement for 4th & 5th Grade students is 100 minutes per week (≈20 minutes per day/5 days per week).  

Home practice makes up 20% of Middle School students' grades; if practice logs are not turned in, the best mark students will receive in the class is a “B.”

SMARTMUSIC: Smart music is a great way to practice and students are highly encouraged to use it. The instant feedback provided is a great way to make practice sessions as effienient as possible. Students wishing to utilize smart music will need to purchase a subscription through 

30 Days Club or take the 100 Days Challenge: The 30-day club is comprised of students who've practiced 30 days in a row for at least 30 minutes. 100 day challenge students practice 30 minutes per day for 100 days in a row. Give it a try, set an example of excellence with your dedication and make Lake Harriet proud! Students interested in taking the challenge should be sure to let Mr. Needleman know. 

Middle School Grading & Syllabus

•In-Class Performance 50%
•Home Practice  20%
•Performances 20%
•Written Homework & Classwork 10%

Music Selected for study and performance is from a variety of sources including music rooted in the history of a variety of religions and cultures, and is chosen primarily for musical and educational merit. There is emphasis on classics as well as exploring “new” music. The cultural and historical significance of music is an important consideration when choosing repertoire. Of course, the study and preparation of music of this nature is in no way to be construed as advancing any specific belief, religion, or cultural practice. Information will be presented during concerts as “program notes” to provide context and significance of the selections chosen for performance.