Hello awesome Lake Harriet Students and Families!

I serve as the assistant principal for Upper and Lower Campus.  Before coming to Lake Harriet, I had the privilege of multiple roles in the education field, such as classroom teacher at a gifted and talented magnet school, professional development facilitator, and instructional leader.  Of all these amazing experiences, I love my role as assistant principal because I get to advocate for students everyday! 

At Upper Campus, you will find me collaborating with teachers, creating student schedules, cheering students to class, helping students problem solve, celebrating student and teacher success and making some outstanding advisory videos to support our positive school-wide culture.  

You will find me at Lower Campus on Wednesdays welcoming students to school, sometimes dishing out veggies at lunch and supporting Mrs. Tilleson and teachers in many different ways.     

Students will find my office a space to take a break, a space to make action plans, a space to get organized, to laugh, to color, and a space to problem solve and fix mistakes.  

Please email with questions on testing and assessment, scheduling, and student support issues.   

Wishing you a great school year!

Ms. Gillingham

P.S Check out one of our advisory videos below!