1400s: Joan of Arc - Religious Figure

1780s: Alexander Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton's Legacy - Politician

1780s: James Madison, Video - President

1800s: Sacajawea - Explorer

1800s: Lewis and Clark and National Archives - Explorers

1850s: Charles Darwin - Scientist

1870s: Susan B.Anthony's Arrest for Voting & Trial   Video   - Voter & Feminist

1880s: Nellie Bly, CBS Video - Daredevil

1890s: Mother Jones Child Labor Activist and Mother Jones  - Child Labor Activist

1900s: Andrew Carnegie - Businessman & Philanthropist

1900s: Harry Houdini (Harry Weiss), and Harry Houdini - Magician

1910s: Lewis Hine - Photographer & Social Activist

1910s: Theodore Roosevelt & National Parks System  NPS History and PBS Video - President

1920s: Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin - Medical Inventor

1930s: Albert Einstein, and Albert Einstein Nobel Prize Site - Scientist

1930s:: Walt Disney  and Bio and Video - Artist & Businessman

1930s: Amelia Earhart PBS and Meet Amazing Americans - Pilot

1930s: Dorothea Lange - Dust Bowl Photographer

1930s: Jesse Owens bio  Video: Jesse Owens & 1936 Olympics and Jesse Owens: The History Channel - Olympic Runner

1940s:  Anne Frank - Young WWII Author

1940s:  Dr. Seuss aka Theodor Seuss Geisel - Children's Author

1930s: Marian Anderson - Singer

1940s:  Hubert Humphrey, and HHH Bio  - Minnesota Politician

1940s: Tuskegee Airmen - WWII Pilots

1940s: Jackie Robinson - First African American to play Major League Baseball

1950:  Smokey the Bear, and CBS Video - Conservation Mascot

1950s:  Margaret Mead: Exploring Human Development - Cultural Anthropologist

1950s: Edward R. Murrow and Freedom of the Press  and Video - Journalist

1950s: Jonas Salk, and Jonas Salk History - Developed the Polio Vaccine

1950s: Rosa Parks, Rosa Parks WSJ, and Rosa Parks Video - Civil Rights Activist

1950s: Wilma Rudolph, Olympian & Civil Rights Pioneer

1960: John F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy and NASA, President

1960: Ruby Bridges - Schoolgirl

1960s: Jane Goodall, and PBS - Scientist & Primatologist

1960s: Carl Sagan - Astronomer

1960s: Rachel Carson - Author & Social Activist

1960s: Lyndon Johnson - President

1960s: Thurgood Marshall - Supreme Court Justice

1960s: Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 - Astronaut

1960s: Joan Cooney - Sesame Street Producer

1970s: Richard Nixon - President

1970s: Billie Jean King -  Tennis Player

1970s: Birch Bayh & Edith Green - Title IX Politicians

1990s: Nelson Mandela, and Nelson Mandela Foundation - Politician