Week 30

Monday, April8

Welcome back!

Classwork:    Have you… Interviews 

                        In English write 5 “Have you…” questions

                        Interview all classmates; write name, record +/- and details

Notes:              Present Perfect (to have done something)

                        He       hemos

                        Has      habéis              +          -ado (AR verbs)

                        Há       han                              -ido (ER/IR verbs)

                        Ex.       Yo he hablado.  I have spoken

                                    Nosotros hemos comido.  We have eaten.

Writing:           Translate your 5 “Have you …?” to Spanish

Homework:    Finish translations if necessary

                        DUE:  Tuesday, April 9


Tuesday, April 9

DUE:              Conjugarte

                        5 Present Perfect questions in Spanish

Song:               Cambio Radical

Practice:           Multiple Choice (on back of song)

Notes:              Conjugate comenzar (ie), pedir (i), dormir (ue)

Review:           Present Tense endings vs. Preterit Tense endings (copy notes)

Read:               El Presente Perfecto

Homework:    Write down three things that you have done in the last 24 hours.

                        Ex.  He pasado tiempo con mi esposo.

                        DUE:  Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday, April 10

DUE:              3 Present Perfect Sentences

Song:               Verbos de Cambio Radical

QUIZ:             Verbos de Cambio Radical

Classwork:    Write out the actual conjugations to Conjugarte

Game:              Battleship with stem-changing verbs (Yo-cierro)

                        Use the present perfect to play!

                        When you MISS:         ¡Has fallido!= You have missed

                                                            Un intent fallido = a failed attempt

                        When you HIT:           ¡Me has golpeado! = You have hit me

                                                            Un golpe = a hit

                        When you SINK:         ¡Has sumergido mi barco de guerra!