Week 40

Monday, April 8

Welcome back!

Songs:             Pronouns, Verb Endings

Classwork:      Do you... on vacation? Survey

                        In English write 5 “Do you…” questions

                        Interview all classmates; write name, record +/- and details

Notes:              Copy Present Tense Verb Endings for –ar, -er, -ir verbs (song)

                        -AR     o          amos    -ER      o          emos    -IR       o          imos

                                   as         áis                    es         éis                    es         ís

                                    a          an                     e          en                     e          en

                        Copy pronouns in the correct space:

                                                SINGULAR   PLURAL

                        1stPerson        Yo                   Nosotros/as

                        2ndPerson       Tú                    Vosostros/as

                        3rdPerson        Ud.(2nd)           Uds. (2nd)

                                                Ella/él              Ellas/ellos

                                                La casaLas casas

Writing:           Try to tranlate your English questions into Spanish

Group:            En las vacaciones, ¿nadas? (raise your hand if so)


Tuesday, April 9

Song:               o, as, a, amos, áis, an

Review:           Animated Verbs, Capítulo 2A

Notes:              Conjugate “practicar” & “comer”

Q & A:            Slide (11 questions):  En las vacaciones, ¿nadas?  ¿Comes frutas?  Etc.

Group:             4 Corners:  ¿Con qué frecuencia nadas/comes frutas/etc.?

Game:              Around the World: Identify the subject associated with the conj. verb


Wednesday, April 10

Warm-up:        ¿Qué haces en la clase de…?  Yo hablo, escucho y canto.  A veces bailo.

                        Ask about each of your classes

Game:              Dice Battleship

Homework:    Conjugarte:  AR Verbs 

                        Draw the picture in the blank that represents the correct conjugated verb

                        DUE:  Friday, April 12

Thursday, April 11

No School       SNOW DAY


Friday, April12- Ms. Sparks Absent/Emergency

Game:              Verbo