Week 31

Monday, April15

Hours 1, 3, 4:Work Day- finish any outstanding work from last week

                        Mulan en español

Assign:           Extra Credit- 10 sentences using the Present Prfect

                        -Use your notes from the Andalucia Video to complete

                        -Write 10 sentences explaining what you, your friend(s), and the 

                        group of you have been doing while studying abroad in Spain

                        DUE:  Thursday, April 18

Hour 5:

Group:             Read “Las Dos Fridas” (e-ie Conjugarte)

Notes:              Copy the conjugations to your 5-point Quiz

                        (empezar, comenzar, confesar, defender, pensar, perder)

Review:           Present Tense Endings vs. Preterite (copy if needed)

                        Present Perfect Explanation

Practice:           10 Present Perfect Sentences (Engl-Span, Span-Engl)

Q & A:            Use your 5 Have you…? from Monday to interview your partner (+/-) 

Homework:    Present Perfect Questionairre (30 questions)

                        Respond with a full sentence to each questions

1. ¿Has viajado alguna vez…?  (Have you ever traveled to…)

2.¿Has comido alguna vez…?  (Have you ever eaten …)

3.¿Has tocado alguna vez…?  (Have you ever played…)

  1. ¿Has visto alguna vez…?  (Have you ever seen…)
  2. ¿Has jugado alguna vez…?  (Have you ever played…)

6.¿Has hecho alguna vez…?  (Have you ever done/made…)

                        DUE:  Monday, April 15



Tuesday, April 16

DUE:              6 x 5 Present Perfect Questionnaire (30 questions)

Warm-up:        ¿Qué ya has hecho hoy?

Q & A:            Think Pair Share

Group:            ¿Quién ya ha…?

Classwork :   Interview 6 partners using the Present Perfect Questionnaire

                        Use details in response; record name, +/-

                        TURN IN

Tables:             Juego de dados- Present Perfect

                        Take turns, write the initials & sentence of each partner (5 words min.)

Homework:    Complete the Juego de dados on your own, alternate subjects/verbs

                        DUE:  Wednesday, April 17

Wednesday, April 17

DUE:              DICE Sentences 

Practice:           Qui Quiz (Present Perfect)

Group:             Everyone gets a question from 6 x 5 Questionnaire (use detail)

Q & A:            ¿Qué has hecho esta semana?

Classwork:    Survey- Esta semana (present perfect)

                        TURN IN

Q & A:            1) Pregunta, 2) Responde (use a question from the activity)

Homework:    Add a prepared detail to each of the ALGUNA VEZ Survey questions

                        You will use this in your response tomorrow in class

                        Look up any new words 

                        DUE:  Thursday, April 8

Thursday, April18

ALL CURRENT MISSING WORK IS DUE FRIDAY, 4/25 (portal updated tonight)

DUE:              Alguna Vez Survey (details)

                        Spain- Extra Credit

Song:               Verbo de Cambio Radical

Group:            Model Survey Responses with details

Classwork:    ALGUNA VEZ Survey (SAVE)

                        Interview 15 students, record name & details

Group:            Share findings, ¿Quién ha buceado en el mar?

Q & A:            ¿Qué has celebrado recientemente?

                        ¿Cuál es la actividad más divertida que has hecho recientemente?

                        ¿Has ido a una fiesta recientemente?

Classwork:    P. 53, #33 (complete on the back of Alguna Vez Survey)

                        Interview 7 students, keep track of their responses

                        ¿En qué mes es tu cumpleaños?

                        ¿Cuál es tu actividad y lugar favorito para celebrar?

                        ¿Cuáles son tus comidas favoritas?


Friday, April 19


No Classes      Race to Justice @ SW