Week 31

Monday, April 15

Songs:             Pronouns, Verb Endings

Warm-up:        ¿Qué haces hoy en la escuela?

Q & A:            Think Pair Share

Game:              Cadena de 2A

Tables:            ¿Con qué frecuencia…? Survey 

                        -Make sure you understand the questions

                        -Write 5 of your own survey questions at the bottom


Tuesday, April 9

Song:               o, as, a, amos, an

Game:              Cadena de 2A

Group:             Quia, Rags to Riches Game

Classwork:    ¿Con qué frecuencia…? Survey

                        Interview ALL students; keep track of details/frecuency

                        On the back, write 10 survey results (3rdperson)

Writing:           Conjugarte (AR)- write the conjugated verbs

Wednesday, April 17

DUE:              -AR Survey with 10 findings 

Practice:           Quia Quiz (-ar verbs)

Listening:        Audio 2A#8

Classwork:    Communicative Activity 2A-2 (tic tac toe)

                        TURN IN

Game:              Start Battleship with Conjugarte

Notes:              When you MISS:         ¡Has fallido!= You have missed

                        When you HIT:           ¡Me has golpeado! = You have hit me


                        When you SINK:         ¡Has sumergido mi barco de guerra!

Thursday, April 18

Song:               La Familia de Los Verbos

Practice:           El rapidísimo (2 minutes)- correct & decode

Game:              Battleship & Dice Battleship