Advisory meets for about 20 minutes each morning. Each day has a different theme. Before the theme starts we take care of any school business that needs to happen. 

Meet Up Monday: We have a class meeting consisting of sharing about our weekends, doing an activity together, filling them in on the upcoming week, etc.

Tidy Tuesday: Students organize and tidy up their binders and lockers, as well as help get the classroom tidied up if they have leftover time. 

Work Wednesday: I review grades with each student for all of their classes, point out any missing homework that they may have, and allow them to go to other teachers to take care of missing work or ask questions. This time is also used as a study hall.

Throw (a ball, on your jacket, your stuff in your locker) Thursday: all 6th grade advisory classes go out to the playground on Thursdays.

Freetime Friday: Students can use this time for whatever they desire, within reason.