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Advanced Learners

MPS Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education


All students recognize and develop their talents as a result of enrichment and appropriately challenging learning opportunities.


  • All students at all ages have relative talent strengths, and schools should help them identify, develop and understand their own special abilities.
  • The development of ability or talent is a lifelong process requiring effort and support.
  • Schools can and should be places for developing the talents of all students.
  • Advanced learners demonstrate outstanding achievement or show potential for high levels of accomplishment relative to others of similar age, experience, and environment.
  • Advanced learners have cognitive and affective needs requiring differentiated and challenging educational programs/services beyond those provided in the general education program.
  • Advanced learners represent the diverse populations of our communities, and can be identified throughout their PK-12 program to provide the appropriate instruction and support for continuous growth.

Our Commitments

  • Providing opportunities for all children to develop and demonstrate advanced learning behaviors, including children from groups underrepresented in advanced programs.
  • Building a profile of student strengths which can be used to document the need for differentiated curriculum and instruction.
  • Identifying advanced learners for the purpose of providing appropriate instruction and support which meet these students’ unique academic and social/emotional needs.
  • Building the capacity of MPS teachers, leaders, and families to recognize, nurture and accelerate talent development.
  • Aligning our program with the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) PK-12 Gifted Program Standards. 

Advanced Learner Services at a Glance

Grades K-3:  Leveled Reading, Math & Spelling Groups

Grades 4-5:   Advanced Math Pathways, Independent Projects

See more about Level 3 & 4 Advanced Learner Services

Link to MPS Talent Development and Advanced Academics Information

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L: 4030 Chowen Ave S
U: 4912 Vincent Ave S
Minneapolis 55410
Lower: 612.668.3210
Upper: 612.668.3310
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