About Ms. Jane Lyga Jones

Welcome to First Grade at Lake Harriet Community School! My name is Jane Lyga Jones, and the students address me as Ms. Lyga ("liga") Jones.  Many know me as the teacher with the tarantula, as well as the teacher with the wheelchair.  I have a spinal cord injury which limits how far I can walk due to Transverse Myelitis.  This occurred 11 yrs. ago last January, and I am fortunate to have recovered as much as I have.  Like I tell my students, it takes "hard work" to develop your skills.  I work hard to be at my best every day, and my students know I expect the same from them.  With that comes fun, a feeling of family and plenty of brain work.

I have been a teacher since 1986. I graduated from the University of Minnesota and later obtained my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas. I have taught grades first through sixth in the Minneapolis District and have been at Lake Harriet Community School since 2004 teaching first grade.

Minneapolis has been my home since 1982; I am originally from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and I graduated from Aquinas High School in 1981. I then spent one yeat at the Univ. of LaCrosse WI before transferring to the "U" - Go Gophers!  My father's a retired dentist and my mother, a teacher who then stayed home to run a very busy household; I have 6 siblings! My youngest sister, Amy Lyga, teaches at Roseville High School and lives in St. Paul. I also have a sister who teaches high school in Lakeville.  I'm blessed to have family close.  Needless to say, we love our summers together!

I have a natural interest in science and have taken many science courses as a result.  I grew up a "Mississippi River Rat", for my parents had a small houseboat that we loaded up and spent many a long weekend camped back in the sloughs exploring and observing the environment. My dad even made a fiberglass canoe one winter, and we had many adventures back in the swampy areas with a tippy canoe!  I will never forget my brother, Tom, weaving terrifying tales of the monster fish lurking in the backwaters as we would be canoeing a slough.  It was the carp hitting the bottom of the canoe.

My husband and I are busy raising 3 teenagers in this wonderful city. We live in N.E. Mpls. My daughter is an 11th Grader at Edison, and my twin boys are in eigth grade at NEMS. My husband works at NEMS.  We are proud supporters and participants in public education.

My mission is to provide young learners with the tools to help them pursue what their passions are, as well as to develop involved citizens who will be our future leaders and problem solvers.  I look forward to teaming with you as your child grows this year.  The best way to reach me is through my e-mail: Jones.Lyga@mpls.k12.mn.us