2018-2019 Rm. #104 Wish List

Updated August 27, 2018

Supplies and Room Donation for #104
Thank who so much for bringing supplies to class.  For now we have ENOUGH of the following item and are bursting at the seams: Plastic sleeves, clear tape, cleaning wipes, dray erase markers & lined paper.  

The following supplies would be very appreciated:

  • decorative tape & stickers to decorate journals on Fri. 8/31
  • paper towels
  • X-ACTO School Pro Pencil Sharpener  (*If you get this LMK & I'll take it off my Wish List.)
  • highlighters
  • more Ticonderoga brand #2 Pencils (We never seem to have enough!)
  • more manual pencil sharpeners

My Back Room: If any parents have creative ideas of how to decorate my back room to make it a cool & cozy space for learning, please let me know. Thank you.

In gratitude,
Debra Krawetz