DCD (formerly WINGS)

The DCD (developmental cognitive disability) program provides services for students who are mildly to severely handicapped. Grades 4-5 and Middle Grades classrooms are staffed by three DCD teachers and at least two educational assistants. Related services such as speech, physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental adapted physical education social work, and nursing are provided based on students’ needs. Students in the DCD program are working on academics, functional academics as well as daily living, and personal skills, motor skills and social skills. Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are written for each student to address these specific needs. The IEP team meets during the year with parents to develop these plans for each student.


This is an inclusion program in which students are placed in classrooms with their peers. Students are mainstreamed as much as possible based on their needs. Adaptations to the general education curriculum are made and alternative curriculum is provided as needed. In the middle grades, students in the DCD program spend part of their day in the community. Students at this level are working at various job sites and participate in a variety of community and recreation experiences. Students in Grades 3-5 spend part of one day at various sites in the community, working on generalizing learned skills and social skills in natural environments.