Volunteer in Room 107

Volunteering is a wonderful way to be involved in your child's education. There are opportunities to volunteer in the school and in ROOM107. Please email our Room Rep.  She will coordinate all volunteering opportunities and upcoming activities.


If you're scheduled to help with a party, Room Rep will contact you roughly 2 weeks before the party date to provide details.

If you cannot make your assigned date, please contact the Room Rep to find a replacement.

Below are listed some of the volunteer opportunities that I have found helpful in the past.

  • Work on projects at home
  • Read or work individually with children in the room
  • Organize the monthly book orders
  • Take down and put up bulletin boards and art project
  • Help in class with projects (science set up, art projects, etc...)
  • Class Photographer
  • Chaperon Field Trips
  • Classroom/First Grade celebrations — come and help or buy what's needed. The Room Reps will be in charge of these events, which can take place at various times:
  • Friendship Party — Feb 
  • First Grade Picnic — TBA in June

Throughout the year, our Room Rep or I will keep you updated on more opportunities to help in the classroom. 


Thank you!