Volunteer in Room 124
I use (grand)parent volunteers. Keep your eyes open for the emails requesting help.
  • Contact the room rep Emily Resar.
  • Contact the web worker Emily Resar.


Our class has many allergies or food sensitivities this year. Keep this in mind for class celebrations. Our class needs to be dairy, gluten and peanut free. Thanks for your understanding.

Volunteers Must Complete Two Forms

Family volunteers will not be allowed to go on field trips or participate in other school activities, including supervised classroom events, without filling out two forms. 

1. Complete the Background Check Form and seal it in an envelope with a $5.00 fee. (Fee scholarships are available from the PTA as needed. Processing will take 2 weeks.) Background Checks are valid for two years. If you filled one out for the last school year, you do not need to fill it out again this year.

  • Personally deliver it to the school secretary. 
  • Or mail to the Minneapolis Public Schools. 

2. Fill out the on-line Volunteer Form. Volunteer Forms are valid for as long as your child is enrolled in the Lake Harriet Community School system.

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