Ms. Harich's Second Grade Class, Room A125

Hello Students and Families! Welcome to 2018-19  2nd grade in Room A125!



This will be an exciting year! Your child will be learning so much throughout the year and I am looking forward to watching the amazing progress along with you!  I work to create a compassionate and loving classroom where your child feels valued and special. I want my students to learn the social and academic skills needed to build a strong base for their future learning.  Social and emotional growth are just as important as cognitive growth in this classroom. We will learn to work together in partnerships and small groups, explore how to problem solve, and further develop friendship skills.

I believe communication between parents and myself is critical. I will send  weekly email updates to the class to keep you updated on the theme, activities, and skills that we are working on. I will also include information on any homework projects and upcoming events.

My mission for my students is that they will develop a love of learning, learn to respect and celebrate each other's differences, work cooperatively with others,  and let their natural curiosity about the world lead them to wonder about something at least once every day.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you this year.  Please come to visit/volunteer as you are able.