Ten Tips for Choosing Quality Books
  1. Take your child to your local library and choose books together.
  2. Consult the librarian for assistance in meeting your child's particular needs and interests.
  3. Search out a bookstore which takes children's books seriously.  Purchase your child's books.
  4. Refer to guides to children's literature.
  5. Select books with your children's interests in mind, and involve them in the selection.
  6. Choose books you yourself like, especially for reading aloud.
  7. Examine illustrations carefully, as they can entice your child to books and to the world of art.
  8. Check that the print is clear and large enough to read comfortably.
  9. Encourage your children to explore the whole range of literature, such as adventure, fantasy, biography, poetry ...
  10. Read the books your children are reading, and share your ideas and feelings.

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