Syllabus Grade 8

Science Course Syllabus    Grade 8

Angie Riley            Room 216    (612) 668-7616

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Weather and Climate                                           Fall         

Changing Earth                                                   Winter

The Earth and Space                                            Spring



Class participation, lab report, Science Log, quiz, unit test, homework and unit project SCORES will all be used to determine your grade.  You are responsible for keeping track of all your assignments in your agenda.  Note that most labs require you to turn in a data table, results or a summary, so keep track.  Some hints for achieving the grade you want:

         1)  Turn in all of your  work.

         2)  Make sure it is your best work. Careful, correct work earns the most!

         3) Be on time. (This can make a big difference in your grade.)



Text Box:   * Use the Agenda for planning and communicating with home. 

  * Be in class everyday, on time and prepared to work with a positive attitude.

  * Have a signed “Safety Contract” on file with teacher.

  * Middle Grades behavior expectations will be followed.

  * For safety reasons, absolutely NO gum, food or beverages are allowed in the                                                                              science room.  Fines for gum, candy or other food are .25, used to buy lab supplies.



Homework will often be given on Monday and will remain posted in the classroom until it is collected on Thursday (but it could vary).  At times, weekly homework may be suspended while working on a large project.  Projects are divided into pieces, each with a final due date.  No large project work will be accepted after the due date.  Unexcused late work (homework and class work) will be marked down 20% per day of earned grade.  No late work is accepted after three (3) days.



If you are absent for any reason, you will need to plan a time to come in to make up that work.  You are responsible for arranging a time with the teacher to make up the work.  Be timely, once labs have been taken down they will not be reset up.

Check your agenda, the make up folder, then with me at the end of class



  Agenda & Pen/Pencil

  Science Section on your Binder

   Pocket folder - to store graded assignments/ in case of a grading mistake.