Spelling and Vocabulary

On Monday of each week your child should be bringing home the words they will be working on for the week.   They will need to cut the words out and may want to bring them back and forth daily in their communication folder in a ziplock bag.  Then each night they should work to identify both how to spell the word and what it means.  The vocabulary tests use the words in different sentences but the same way.  This can be hard for the children to get used to.  It makes a lot of differnce if the children practice the meanings at home as well as at school to help them learn that weeks information.  We will not have Spelling/vacabulary if a week has less than 4 days in it.

There are no sentences to write for each word or multiple times of writing each word.  Instead they are to practice using the word roots and learning to meanings of each.

document Word Study Homework   --  This is the plan effective november 21, 2012. I believe this will help the children gain a better understanding of the skills we are working with.