Site Council

What is Site Council?
The Lake Harriet Community School (LHCS) Site Council is the school’s site leadership team. As the advisory and planning body for LHCS, it is a forum for staff and parents to provide direction to the administration and to enhance student achievement. The purpose of the Site Council is to examine existing or proposed policies and procedures and make recommendations to ensure sustained student achievement.
The Site Council’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to; long-range planning, monitoring of the school budget, advocating for our school’s needs and regular assessment of the effectiveness of LHCS's shared-decision making.


Site Council Members (2020-21)

Walter Schleisman  (Administrative Co-Chair)

Angie Ness (Administrative Co-Chair)

Heidi Weaver (Parent Co-Chair)

Ashley Gillingham - Assistant Principal, Administrative Representative 

Kim Kaplan- Family Coordinator (Staff/Parent Representative)

Heather Hunt - Parent Representative 

Mekea Duffy – Parent Representative

Betsy Wagner– Parent Representative

Julie Elepano– Parent Representative

Jason Walker – Parent Representative

Abbi Dion– Parent Representative

Scott Devens – Teacher Representative, Lower Campus

Rebecca Wright – Teacher Representative Rep, Lower Campus

Deb Hansen - Teacher Representative, Upper Campus


2020-2021 Subcommittees

Each member of the Site Council is placed on a subcommittee with the possible exception of the parent co-chair, who can act in a "floating" capacity and fills in where needed. Each subcommittee sets up a schedule that works for the group to complete its assigned tasks. Each subcommittee reports back on the status of their work at each meeting. In addition to the committee chairs, individuals can join the subcommittees on an ad-hoc basis.



Support the effectiveness of academic programming by providing opportunities for student, family and community enrichment and engagement.

Parent Members:

Betsy Wagner

Heidi Weaver

Heather Hunt

Teaching/Staff Members

Angie Ness 


Task Force: MPS Comprehensive District Design

Monitor decisions and changes made to the MPS Comprehensive District Design (CDD) and develop a shared LHCS stance that will allow our school to thrive while supporting the vitality of the MPS district as a whole.


Parent Members:

Mekea Duffy

Kate Kerfoot

Teaching/Staff Members

Walter Schleisman

Scott Devens  


Equity & Diversity (Formerly SIP)

Identify any needs and imbalances within the school community and design methods to foster equity through events, campaigns and curriculum -based activities.


Parent Members:

Jason Walker

Abbi Dion

Teaching/Staff Members

Ashley Gillingham

Rebecca Wright



Send questions, suggestions, concerns or ideas for Site Council to the parent co-chair, Heidi Weaver.