Maggie and Lynne
Maggie and Lynne

Social Work Services at Lake Harriet:

Our School Social Workers, Lynne McCoy and Maggie Quinlan, are here to provide student support services.  They are available to students who may be experiencing a variety of adjustment concerns; social, emotional or behavioral, that interfere with their academic achievement and social well being.  Lynne and Maggie work with students and families to resolve social, emotional and behavioral concerns through assessment, consultation with school staff and community providers, development and implementation of intervention plans and direct and indirect service.  Our school social workers support students and families experiencing crisis; advocate for students and parents during educational planning and monitor and intervene with students exhibiting chronic attendance problems. 

In addition, all students identified as needing special education service are eligible for social work services.   Lake Harriet school social workers  lead the Student Support Team in each building, participate in the multidisciplinary evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services and may provide social skills and direct or indirect service.

Lynne McCoy works at Upper Campus (M-F) 668-3317

Maggie Quinlan works at Lower Campus (M-F) 668-3219

Martha Riad splits her time between both campuses (M-F) (use phone numbers above).