Reading Resources

Our classroom will focus on insuring that students are reading at their independent reading level. However at home I encourage the children to read for enjoyment and not to worry about what level a book is.  

Reading Requirements. After reading an indepdendent book at school the children need to do a Book Reflection.  This includes 4 paragraphs: one reflecting/telling about the book, another making connections to the book, the third is inquiries they have related to the book and finally identify the genre of the book and use supporting evidence to explain your reasoning.

  • Traditional Literature
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Informational
  • Biography

Searching for Level-Appropriate Books. Determine the level of a book, look for level-appropriate books, and/or find books that are similar to another title.

Here are a few other sites where you can search for age appropriate books and media.      This is a site you can use to review all types of media for age/emotion appropriateness.  It also appears like they have some activities to do as well.   This is a site that does book reviews.

document Book Reflection   --  After every book your child reads independently in class they are to do a book reflection. This attachment explains what should be in each paragraph.