Online Resources

There are many resources on the internet that your student can use to learn.  These are recommendations only and we suggest you guide your student as they explore. 

For parents that would like help finding books close to their child's reading level, or you want to check the level of a book, here are some websites that can help. 

Scholastic Books Wizard  website has a page that allows you to find books at your child's level, even narrowing it down to books that match your child's interest at that level.

(note: this is Scholastics main website and you will see books etc. for sale. This link isn't meant as any kind of a solicitation to purchase anything - just a good resource to find appropriate titles for you child's reading level.) 

Leveled Book Lists

When using this list, it may be helpful to use the "find" feature (Ctrl-f) on your computer for quick searching.