Nancy Johnson - 1st Grade

Hi! I love teaching first graders. Books are a joy to me. I would like every child to love them as much as I do. Always feel free to contact me about any concerns or questions. Emails are the best way to contact me.  I try to send out weekly class newsletters to keep everyone up to date about what is happening in our class.

Dragon Reading Homework

  1. First Graders record every book (or chapter or page range) they read during the month on the Dragon Reading Log.
  2. On the back side of the sheet, students write a reflection on three of the texts they’ve read.
  3. Students return Dragon Reading Logs to Ms. Johnson at the end of every month.

​Words Their Way / Spelling and Word Study  We will be starting the weekly word studies in October.

  1. Folders are sent home on Monday with the week's words.
  2. Students sort the words into the correct categories and learn their spellings.  
  3. On Friday, Ms. Johnson tests students for correct spelling and sorting of the words. 

​Solve Word Problems in Math

  1. Help your student read the problems.
  2. Students show their work.
  3. They write a number sentence (equation).
  4. Students answer the question in full form (ex: 3 blueberries).