Dawn Porter-Third Grade

I am delighted to continue teaching at Lake Harriet Lower Campus!   I spent my first 3 years  of teaching in Waukegan, IL, after graduating from Luther College with a BA degree in elementary education and Spanish.  For 22 years  I taught at Jefferson Community School in Minneapolis, first as a Spanish specialist and then for 17 years as a third grade teacher. In the fall of 2008 I moved to Lake Harriet.  My husband and I enjoy living in the  Linden Hills neighborhood.  Our daughter graduated from Southwest High School in 2012 and the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in 2016.  Our son graduated from Southwest in 2015 and Luther College in 2019.

 My e-mail address is: Dawn.Porter@mpls.k12.mn.us


Pumpkin Bowling
January 13
Monday, January 13, 2020 7:55 PM

Last week the students wrote some very thoughtful questions that they would like to ask their historymaker...if they could time travel.  This week the students are taking notes on their subject's early years through high school age (at least 10 separate notes), on the subject's education / how they learned (again 10 separate notes), and on the subject's adult years and accomplishments (20 notes).  Notes should NOT be written as complete sentences and should be in a student's own words.  Any books you have acquired through the library can be used for taking notes.  We will also continue to take notes next week, although our main focus will be on finding evidence that our historymaker displayed a number of positive character traits. Examples of notes might include:

lived in his grandparent's house with parents, siblings and a great aunt

mother a musician, father a minister

had an older sister and a younger brother

liked to read, play with board games, Tinkertoys

liked to play pranks

took piano lessons

played with both white and black children until told by the white children they were not allowed to play with him anymore

Students are welcome to bring home their biographies as long as they bring them back to school the next day.  Thank you for encouraging your child and assisting them in locating additional resources.  We will create a bibliography, so please record the author and title of any books used.  (We'll keep it simple.)

In other news. we have a field trip on Thursday to the University of MN for a show called "Energy and U."  Due to the show's start time we MUST leave on the buses by 9:45. We will go out to the buses at 9:35 sharp.  Any students who are late will need to stay with our buddy room as a helper.  Please do whatever you can to be sure your child is on time this Thursday!

Winter conferences are being offered to everyone this year.  However, we only have 2 evenings to offer the conferences.  If you do NOT have any concerns, please consider allowing other families to use your time.  Email me if you are not interested in a conference.  Then I will be able to set up the time slots for sign up.  Conferences will be the evenings of Thursday, Feb. 6 and Tuesday, Feb. 11.  I look forward to meeting with those of you who have questions!  Watch for an announcement regarding sign ups.

Finally, we are back on track with some tricky Greek and Latin words (mal) and spelling, so please remember to study these words.  I suggest saving the "ben" quiz that went home today and using it to study for the review next week.  All math timings and word study quizzes will be on Thursday as Friday is a record-keeping day.

All students may move to studying multiplication facts this week, unless they have already zipped ahead to division or beyond.  We celebrated the progess of a lot of third graders this morning - good for you!