Unit 1

Whole-Number Operations Understanding and working with an array model of multiplication

Math Focus Points

  • Using arrays to model multiplication situations
  • Breaking an array into parts to find the product represented by the array
  • Using arrays to find factors of 2-digit numbers
  • Identifying features of numbers, including prime, square, and composite numbers

Whole-Number Operations Reasoning about numbers and their factors

Math Focus Points

  • Finding the multiples of a number by skip counting
  • Determining whether one number is a factor or multiple of another
  • Identifying the factors of a given number
  • Identifying all the factors of 100
  • Using knowledge of the factors of 100 to find factors of multiples of 100
  • Using known multiplication combinations to find related multiplication combinations for a given product (e.g., if 4x50=200, then 8x25=200)
  • Using representations to show that a factor of a number is also a factor of its multiples (e.g., if 25 is a factor of 100, then 25 is also a factor of 300)

Computational Fluency Fluency with multiplication combinations to 12x12

Math Focus Points

  • Identifying and learning multiplication combinations not yet know fluently
  • Using known multiplication combinations to determine the products of more difficult combinations