Homework packets are sent home each Tuesday in the Mail Folder. Homework is due on Friday of the same week. Feel free to turn in homework earlier.  Please keep all the information together and return completed homework in the Mail Folder. 

Consider establishing a homework spot in your house to complete schoolwork and set routines.

Everyone should be reading for 20 minutes a day at home. I do not require a monthly reading log, though I will provide one if you feel it is helpful for your child (please see me). Instead, I simply expect everyone to read at home. Often I send home reading response sheets. Then, students can write a response to any book they choose.

Math IXL skills align to the Minnesota Academic Standards and provide comprehensive coverage of math concepts and applications.Students will be expected to use the account each week at home on a computer or parent's smart phone. The public library also has free computers that can be  used if needed.  

If homework is lost, please photocopy another student's homework sheets for your student to fill in. I do not give extra copies when homework is lost. We are trying to teach responsibility and save time and paper.

It is school policy to give homework after a student returns from a trip or vacation. Please know you can always read a book, keep a journal and practice basic math facts with flashcards while you are away.

I try my best to match homework to the different levels in class. I am looking for effort with homework. That means I am not interested in perfection or meltdowns and power struggles between children and their parent(s). I give you full permission to change the assigned homework to meet your child's level or needs. Simply write a note on the work about what/why/how you changed it. For example, if you change the homework length, please write me a little note on the homework with your name. That way,  I know students are showing effort and are being responsible rather than just not completing the work.

Remember, there is no Friday Fun free choice time in class if homework isn't completed.