Weekly Homework Assignments

Please click on the title to see specific assignments.

The children are expected to read 20 minutes daily.  The material is to be anything of interest to them.  They are on their honor to complete this work. They should also spend 10 minutes a day working to increase their speed and accuracy on basic math facts: multiplication, addition, subtraction (and division if the others are mastered).  

Generally we will be following the same homework schedule:

Mondays: Word Study words given to students by their Word Study Teacher and Literacy work assigned by me (Due Friday).

Tuesdays: complete work given on Monday

Wednesdays: complete work given on Monday

Thursdays: complete work given on Monday

Friday: Word Study tests will be on Fridays.  Turn in weekly literacy homeowrk by today.

There is no homework over the weekends.

**Math will be assigned by the math teacher.  Please ask your child who their math teacher is so you are able to be in contact regarding homework.  


Helpful Websites

These are some websites I have found to be helpful.  Please let me know of any you find that you think we should add for a resource.  Or any that you have gone to that have been deleted so I can remove it from our list.