Homework- 2016-2017
2018-2019 Homework

Students in room A201 have homework every day: reading , math facts practice, vocab. study and on most weeks, word sort/spelling practice.

Reading:  Students should read for a minimum of 20 minutes daily at home.  At least twice a week, students should read outside their usual genre.  I recommend making use of a larger library like Washburn or Southdale to locate biographies, informational books, poetry and historical fiction.  Discover new topics, series, and authors!  

This homework will be even more effective if you ask your child some questions about their reading a few times a week.  A list of questions will be shared at conferences, but for now you could ask your child to summarize the story/chapter/text, explain any connections they noticed between the text and others they have read, or share their opinion of the book and the reasons behind their opinion.

Math facts practice:  10 minutes a night. Students are given 30-33 facts to complete in 90 seconds on weekly quizzes.  Students may also have a sheet to complete from math class if they work at a slower pace.  Sheets are always due the next day but are checked off if they are handed in later.  (within 3 days or so)

Vocabulary practice:  Read through the list of Greek / Latin root words or alternate vocab sheet.  Try using the words in when you talk to each other.  Your child does not need  to be able to spell these words.  Quiz on Friday.

Word Study / Spelling:  Beginning in late September.  Watch for the weekly sheet that explains the daily activities to be completed at home.  No words will be sent on 3 day weeks.  Tests over the words are given on the last school day of the week (Usually a Friday).

Please make a habit of checking  the home folder nightly.  Sometimes there may be a special project, like the moon journal (Sept.)  Remove any corrected work and handouts.  Thanks!