Helping your child learn High Frequency Words (a.k.a. Sight Words)
  1. Set up an empty can or box to keep all of the words in.  Cut them up into flash cards when they come home.
  2. Have your child attempt to read all of her/his words.
  3. Star all of the words that s/he reads correctly.
  4. Start with the first word that your child doesn't know.
  5. Have your child look closely at that word.
  6. Tell your child what the word says.
  7. Have your child read that word correctly.
  8. Have your child use that word in an oral sentence.
  9. Remix the words for the new set and have your child read the words again.
  10. After your child knows the new words, mix them in with old words.
  11. Star the words that your child gets correct from the old words. 
  12. Once your child gets a 3rd star on a word (gets it correct for the 3rd straight week, he/she can tear it up and recycle it :)

     Work daily with your child for no more than 5 minutes daily on High Frequency Words.