Grant Application for 2019-2020

Grant Application Guidelines

  • The Grant Application deadline is March 15, 2019.
  • Grants will be reviewed by the PTA Finance Committee in early April. The PTA Board will vote on these recommendations at the General Membership PTA meeting on April 9, 2019.
  • Funds are not associated with an individual grade. Funds are used to support programs or events that enhance the students' education and encourage community building for multi grade levels.
  • Minimum amount requested: $100.00. Maximum amount requested: $10,000. 
  • Applications can be completed by LHCS staff or a parent/guardian with approval of the LHCS staff member most affected by the request, and LHCS administration.
  • All requests must have the support of at least one LHCS staff person, unless the project lead is a staff person.
  • Receipts for expenditures are required and must be submitted by June 01, 2020.
  • See the LHCS PTA Budget Policies and Procedures document for complete details, including allowable and non-allowable items.
  • If questions still remain after reviewing all documents, please contact Nikki Niermann /President or Andy Schoenke/ Treasurer.

All forms must be submitted electronically using the format below. Contact the PTA President(s) if a paper copy is needed. Supporting documentation (if necessary) can be placed in the PTA mailbox.


Project Lead: Please enter the primary contact information. If you are a parent, please enter a staff member as a Secondary Contact in the Staff Support box below.
If you are a parent completing this application, briefly describe your background and qualifications:
This field is required if a non-staff member is the Primary Contact for this project.
Staff Support Name 

* denotes a required field