Expectations for 8th Grade Spanish


8th Grade/Grado 8
Expectaciones de la Clase
Teacher/La Profesora:                        Jennifer Sparks
E-mail/El Correo Electrónico:              jenny.sparks@mpls.k12.mn.us
Text Book/El Texto:                             Realidadades 1A
Language/El Idioma:                           Spanish & English/El español y el inglés
1.   Description/La Descripción:
Students will utilize four abilities (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in order to continue developing beginning-language competency. Students will speak and listen in large and small groups, write original Spanish text, and read from various authentic texts, including the Realidades 1B textbook. Culture from the Spanish-speaking world will be incorporated throughout the entire course.
2.   Bring Daily to Class/Trae diariamente a clase:
            A.   Completed homework/Tarea preparada
B.   Pen or pencil/Una pluma o un lápiz (use pencil for written work)
C.   3-ring binder for Spanish /Un cuaderno para la clase de español
D.   2 folders for Spanish /Dos carpetas para la clase de español
E.   Realidades 1B Text. Lost or damaged books will result in a replacement cost of $60.
3.   Homework/La Tarea:
You will have homework (tarea) every night! In order to learn a language, it’s necessary to study and practice daily. It is expected that each student study 10-15 minutes per evening even if the teacher has not assigned specific homework. Practice makes perfectJ
*Homework assignments and due dates are listed on the whiteboard at the front of the class.
*A hard copy of the website from previous weeks is located on the blackboard at the front of the class.
*For details about daily activities, the teacher website is updated at the end of each school day. Please review!
4.   Grades/Las Notas
Grades are typically posted on a bi-weekly basis. Be pro-active about managing your grade, stay up to date by viewing the teacher website, and complete your homework on time.  Learning a language requires continuous practice, participation and persistence in class as well as outside of class. Grades are based on the following categories:  
            Classwork: Audio, Video, & Partner Activities (must be present in class to complete)
            Homework: Work to be completed outside of class
            Assessments: Tests, Skits, & Projects
            Participation:  Contribution to class
5.   Grading Scale/La Escala de Notas
Students’ final grades will be based on the above-mentioned criteria. Grades will not be rounded up. The Lake Harriet Middle Grades’ grading scale has been changed to be consistent with the MPS grading scale. Please see below:
            93-100%                      A                                 73-76%                        C
            90-92%                        A-                                70-72%                        C-
            87-89%                        B+                               67-69%                        D+
            83-86%                        B                                 63-66%                        D
            80-82%                        B-                                60-62%                        D-
            77-79%                        C+                               Below 60%                  F
6.  Late Homework Policy /Tarea Tarde:
Homework is typically due the day after it is assigned. 
            Homework that is one day late will lose 10% of the earned grade. 
            Homework that is two days late will lose 20% of the earned grade.
            Homework that is more than 2 days late will lose 50% of the earned grade.
            Homework will not be accepted once the unit assessment has been administered.
            *1 excused absence = 1 additional day to complete homework.
Students who are absent on the day(s) that homework is assigned will receive an extra day (or days) to complete the assignment. If students return from an absence without requesting their make-up work, the same late policy (see above) will still apply. Please check the website, email the teacher or speak with a friend from class before returning to school. If you have difficulties with a concept, please speak with me immediately!  Students are responsible for their own grades. 

7.   Test Schedule/El Horario de Exámenes

Each chapter or thematic unit will typically have one or two quizzes.  Unit evaluations may be in the form of a test, skit, or project.  Student evaluations will vary from unit to unit.


8.   Attendance/Asistencia

Please arrive on time.  Students who arrive late will be expected to bring a signed pass from an adult.  After three unexcused tardies, students will earn a 1-hour detention after school with an administrator.


9.  Expectaciones de la Clase/Class Expectations

The rules established by MPS and Lake Harriet Upper Campus regarding discipline and behavior will be enforced. Failure to abide by these rules will result in disciplinary action.  This year, students were asked for their input and were allowed to create the classroom expectations for 8th grade students & teacher.

        Students and teacher are expected to:

  1. arrive on time & prepared for class every day (bring your materials & be ready to learn)
  2. participate each day using the Spanish language (stay involved & practice)
  3. be respectful to themselves & to others in the classroom (be kind)
  4. raise their hand when they have a question (be patient, don't interrupt others)
  5. remain positive (help & encourage others)
  6. not use electronics (no phones, Kindles, Nooks, Ipads, etc.)
  7. always do their best (be persistent & keep trying)
  8. not chew gum (it’s hard to understand you).


10.  Help, Conferences & Appointments/Ayuda, Conferencias y Citas

Help is always available to students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not wait to ask for help.  Parents, students and tutors may contact me via e-mail at jenny.sparks@mpls.k12.mn.us.  I will do my best to respond to your message within 24 hours.     
EL ESPAÑOL - 8th Grade     
After reading and discussing the class expectations for Spanish with a parent or guardian, please fill out the information below, sign, and return to Ms. Sparks. This signed form is worth 10 points.
Due Date: Monday, October 2, 2017/Día de Entregar: lunes el 2 de octubre de 2017              
My student, ______________________________, and I have read and discussed the course expectations for 8th grade Spanish.
_____________________________                          _____________________________
Student Name                                                             Student Signature
Nombre del/de la estudiante                                       Firma del/de la estudiante
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Parent/Guardian Name                                              Parent/Guardian Signature              
Nombre del padre o de la madre                                Firma del padre o de la madre