District Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy Minneapolis Public Schools Always contact the school when your child will be late or absent. The school staff is available to help explain the attendance policy. Doctor/Dentist Appointments Whenever possible, please schedule doctor and dentist appointments before or after school. If you must schedule an appointment during school, the appointment will be excused only upon receiving a written note from the doctor or dentist. Illness Students are allowed up to 8 total absences a year, or three 3 days in a row, due to an illness. A doctor s note must be provided if your child is gone from school more than 8 total days over the school year, or 3 days in a row. Because your child s health is important to us, school staff can help your child if you do not have health insurance or cannot afford to see a doctor please contact your school if you need help. School Bus Problems If your child misses school because the bus was late or did not show up at the bus stop, you must report this to the school that morning. Religious Holidays/Cultural Observances If your child will be gone due to a religious holiday or cultural observance, you must notify the school in advance. Funeral Students may be gone up to 4 days a year because of a funeral. If your child will be gone more than 4 days, you must get written approval for additional excused time from a teacher, social worker or principal. Family Emergency Students may be gone up to 3 days a year because of a family emergency. If your child will be gone more than 3 days, you must get written approval for additional excused time from a social worker or principal. Family Activity A student may be gone up to 5 days from school for a pre-approved family activity. To get pre-approval from the school, you must do the following: ?w At least 10 days before leaving, request permission from the school for your child to be gone for a family activity. ?w Before leaving, get your child s homework and agree that your child will finish the homework. ?w Make sure that your student will not be gone for important tests like the MCA, NALT or MBST. ?w Agree in writing that your child will miss no more than 5 days of school. ?w Before leaving, get written approval from the principal. Family Activities Longer Than 5 Days If your family activity will last more than 5 days, you must ask permission from the principal in writing before you leave. If the principal gives permission to be gone longer than 5 days, your child will be expected to turn in a school report and/or a presentation to their teacher(s). What are excused absences? Minneapolis Public Schools recognizes that daily attendance is critical to academic achievement. It is our goal to work with students, families and communities to support regular school attendance and improve academic achievement. Please call your school for further assistance or questions about the attendance policy. It s the Law! Minnesota law states that all students are required to attend school from age 7, or when they enroll in kindergarten (whichever comes first) until they are 18 years old. A student s failure to attend school may lead to legal action for the parents/guardians and the student. We wa nt your ch il d in s c h o o l o n t i m e , e v e r y d a y !