Typical Daily Schedule (as of September 17, 2013)

Note:  Students are allowed into the building at 9:25 am, classes begin at 9:35, classes end at 3:50, dismissal is at 4:00, and buses leave at 4:07.

Here is our Typical Daily Schedule (subject to change for all-school events or special programs): 

         9:35-10:10 Attendance/

        Morning Meeting/

                        Daily Journal Writing/Announcements


                        10:10-11:40 Math Groups


                        11:40-12:10 Recess


                        12:10-12:40  Lunch


                        12:40-12:55 Story


                        12:55-1:50 Specialists

          1:50-2:20 Reading Groups

          2:20-3:00  Writing Workshop

          3:00-3:50 Science/Social Studies

          3:50-3:55 Prepare for dismissal

Journal Writing: students choose a topic from the daily prompt on the board, from a list of about 400 creative-writing prompts they've been given, or from their own head (writing about a personal experience they've had or are going to have, usually) and write at least a half page each day (some students write 2-3 pages each day).  This writing is not edited or polished and each student gets to share with the class about once per week.  This activity is to develop what is called writing "fluency" where students develop the ability to write their thoughts quickly using their own unique "voice" and then practice sharing their writing outloud with others, helping build a community of writers.

Readers/Writers Workshop: students start most sessions with a skills lesson and a reading strategies focus lesson.  Then, we move into independent or guided reading time where students apply the skills and strategies we are emphasizing.  Finally, there is a wrap-up time where several get to share what they learned or discovered during the reading period.

Science/Social Studies: we have 4 science units throughout the school year (Air and Weather; Solids, Liquids, and Gases; Balance and Motion; and Insects) and social studies is interspersed between science units.

Computer Lab: we will be working on a skills-based curriculum regarding reading or math activities.