Current Unit



Classes are spending a few days in "Training Camp", during which time they learn many of the things they will need to know all year.  For more information, please check out the "What's Happening?" section!

Questions to ask your Kindergartener:

*What does it mean to freeze?

            (body and voice stop moving)

*What does “Give Me 5!” mean?

            (eyes watching, ears listening, mouth quiet, body still, brain thinking)


Questions to ask your 1st, 2nd  or 3rd Grader:

*How many action words can you name and explain?

                        (Examples: “Island”, “Fall In”)

* Can you say the P.E. Cheer?

                  Physical, Physical, Starts with “P”

                        Education Starts with “E”

                        And in P.E. I learn to move And I move to learn

                        ‘Cause it’s good for me !

*What are the 3 Behavior Levels in Physical Education and what do they mean?       

                        1-Unacceptable Behavior

                        2-Acceptable Behavior

                        3-Exceptional Behavior

*Can you name the 4 school expectations?     


                               “Bee” Responsible

                               “Bee” Respectful

                               “Bee” Safe

                               “Bee” Your Best

*What is one of the sign language words you have learned in physical education?

*What is one of our main themes for this school year?