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The 1st-3rd grade FIELD DAY is fast approaching!  A letter has been sent to families but if you have not received it you can read it below.  



This Year’s Theme:  Explore Minnesota!

April 16, 2019

Dear Lake Harriet Families:

Spring is here and that means that Field Day is just around the corner.  The lower campus Field Day will take place on Friday, May 24th.  This is always a day of fun, physical activity, team challenges and school spirit!  For those of you who are not familiar with the lower campus field day, let me give a brief overview of the format.  The lower campus Field Day involves all 1st – 3rd graders and is an all-day event.  Kindergarten students will be participating in a fun alternative activity on the same day but are not a part of the field day events.  Field Day is held right on the school playground.  Students are placed on multi-grade-level teams and have an opportunity to meet and choose a team name and colors, etc., at an assembly prior to that day.  The focus of the day is always on cooperation, teamwork, challenging one’s self, and enjoying fun physical activity as a school community. 

Activities will begin at approximately 9:50 a.m. and will run throughout most of the school day, with a break for lunch.  (The alternate day in case of rain will be Friday, May 31st.) Each event will focus on team effort to accomplish a given task and all events will focus on this year’s theme:  Explore Minnesota!

* We will be outdoors for much of the day so think about

appropriate clothes and maybe a hat and sunscreen for your child!


You are all invited and very welcome to come and watch your child(ren) participate.  I would love to see you here!



Also I am always looking for volunteers to help with events, all of which are easy to run.  I can use up to approximately 60 volunteers during both the morning and the afternoon sessions.  Normally there are at least 3 to 5 adults at each station and I always get feedback that the parents had fun while volunteering.    

If you are available for all or part of the day and would like to help with events or other aspects of Field Day,

you can go directly to

If using SignupGenius is not an option for you, please email me at indicating that you would like to volunteer.

If you sign up to volunteer, I will contact you with further information and to confirm that you can help. 


*Again, please do not feel that you have to volunteer if you prefer to just come and watch.


A big THANK YOU goes out to the PTA for funding this event each year.   Thanks PTA!

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 24th.  I hope to see you here!


Carol Chase     

Physical Education Teacher  




As of 8:30 am Friday....FIELD DAY IS ON!

Field Day activities start at 9:50 on Friday, May 24th.  There will be an opening ceremony and then teams are sent off to start their first activity station at 10:10.  Stations run through the morning until about 11:40, when teams come back together and are dismissed by class for lunch.

Activities start up again at 1:15.  We will meet together and then teams start their first afternoon station at 1:25.  Stations are completed at 2:45 and teams receive treats.  Awards are handed out as soon as scores are figured.  

Students will be outside for much of the day so think about sending them with a water bottle (with name) and putting on sun screen.  

Please have children wear good shoes for running, jumping, etc., not sandals.


FIELD DAY  is Friday, May 24th


Students met witht their field day teams on Wednesday, May 16th and chose their team name and colors (optional).

Below is a list of teams by team numbers.  Wearing team colors is optional.  

           TEACHER LEADER                      TEAM NAME              TEAM COLORS          

Team 1       Clarke                       Lake Superior Loons                                                    

Team 2       Mattson                    Mississippi Winners          Blue   

Team 3       Pier                           Mighty Mississippians      Anything Blue                

Team 4       Lyga-Jones              Boundary Waters              Blue,Green, & White             

Team 5       Devens                     Lightning Loons                          

Team 6       Saly                          Minnesota Wild

Team 7       Bruce                       The Superiors

Team 8      Kangas                     Wacky Walleyes                  Blue & White

Team 9       Porter                       Loons

 Team 10     Perez                       Hockey Maniacs                Blue & Yellow

Team 11     Glocker                    Minnesota Mosquitos        White & Red or Lt. Blue

 Team 12     Hallen                     Team of 10,000 Winners     White

Team 13    Johnson                   Minnehaha Fighters

Team 14     Harich                      Superior Bulls                    Brown & Blue

 Team 15    Rice                         10,000 Lakes                       Orange & Yellow