ALPhA 2018-19

ALPhA is starting!

What is ALPhA?ALPhA is a program designed to promote healthy lifetime fitness activity and habits in the lives of our Lake Harriet students.  ALPhA stands for Achieving Lifetime Physical Activity.  It began in 1997 and has continued to grow through the years.  It runs from the beginning of November through the end of May. 

How does ALPhA work?
ALPhA is a voluntary program.  Every fall, near the middle of October, all students at the lower campus are introduced to the program and given an introduction letter to take home.  If students/families are interested in participating, the student must return the attached ALPhA contract, indicating an ALPhA goal for the year.  The ALPhA goal is determined by deciding how many minutes of positive physical activity the participant will attempt to achieve during the 7 months of the program.  That goal is divided by 7 to determine his/her monthly goal.  Each month, each participant is given an ALPhA calendar for recording activities.  Calendars are returned to school at the end of each month.

What are some incentives for being in ALPhA?
All ALPhA participants receive a shoelace at the end of the first month.  Participants also receive a plastic foot to put on their shoelaces as they begin the program.  Each month that a calendar is returned, participants receive beads to add to their shoelaces [4 beads / month, one for each week of participating].  Those who continue with the program throughout the 7 months receive a certificate and a water bottle showing the Lake Harriet ALPhA logo.  Those who participate in 2 of their 3 years at the lower campus also receive an ALPhA t-shirt!  And those who participate during 3 years receive an ALPhA frisbee-type throwing disc with the ALPhA logo. And those who participate all 4 years receive an ALPhA drawstring backpack.

What can I do if I've lost my calendar?
You can download any of the previously-sent calendars.  Click on Information / Forms.

For more information, please click on Information/Forms shown to the right.

You may also contact me by email or by calling my voice mail [668-7593].


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