8th Grade Art Syllabus – Lake Harriet Community School    Teacher: Sarah O'Malia

Visual Art Standards




5.1 Learn and develop skills with media, techniques and process

I. Acrylic painting

a. Indirect painting, canvas stretching, etc.

II. Watercolor

a. Textures, brushstrokes, values


I. Drawing/Illustration

a. Proportion, shading, color, harmony

II. Chalk Pastel

a. Techniques and application


I. Sculpted Forms


b. Ceramics

c. Paper, foam core,

5.2 Apply organizing principles and visual arts elements and use them in aesthetic ways

I Painting


a. Form, unity, proportion


a. Texture, variety, rhythmry, "rule of third".

I. Design                     a.emphasis, proportion, values (modeling)


I. Mask making

a. Symmetry, form, 

b. Context, composition, subject

c.Expressionism & Mood

5.3 Identify, interpret and use theme subject, symbol, cultural beliefs and intent

I. Compositional Structure

a. Subject

b. Content

c. Composition

I.Self Assessment & Reflection

 a.Written & Oral


I. Symbolism

a.Color Psychology, Rituals

II. Aesthetics & Culture

a. Art movements, 

5.4 Evaluate and assess the characteristics and merits of artwork

I. Class critique

a. Describe, analyze, judge and interpret

I. Critique

a. Describe, analyze, etc.

I. Critique

a. Describe, analyze, etc.

5.5 Understand the importance of the visual arts in relation to history, world cultures, and daily life

I Western Art Chronicle

a. Art movt. Renaissance to Pop Art 




I.Tribal arts            ceremonial masks

a. Usage, rites, context,  etc.

II. Art movement & culture


5.7 How art materials and processes effect the student and community

I.Periodic art displays

School and Community Sites.

I. Periodic art displays


School Art Exhibit