7th Grade Learning Targets

There are six major units of study in 7th grade science:


1.   {C}Natural Systems

2.   {C}Diversity

3.   {C}Physical Properties of Matter

4.   {C}Mixtures and Solutions

5.   {C}Elements, Compounds and Chemical Reactions

6.   {C}Structure and Function of Living Systems


Students will be assessed on 10 long-term learning targets each semester:

First Semester

1.     I can identify the parts of an ecosystem.

2.     I can trace the flow of matter in an ecosystem.

3.     I can describe where energy is transformed and stored in a food web.

4.     I can analyze the effects of biotic and abiotic factors on the number of organisms in a Minnesota ecosystem.

5.     I can explain why some organisms are more likely to survive and have offspring.

6.     I can explain the relationship between the characteristics of an organism, its genes, and the environment.

7.     I can use the features of several organisms to hypothesize how closely the organisms are related.

8.     I can use appropriate safety procedures, tools, and measurements. 

9.     I can identify substances based on their physical properties.

10. I can explain physical changes in matter using the particle model.


Second Semester

1.     I can distinguish a mixture from a pure substance using observable properties and the particle model.

2.     I can plan and conduct a controlled experiment.

3.     I can write a scientific explanation that includes a claim, evidence, and reasoning.

4.     I can describe the chemical and physical properties of acids.

5.     I can explain the law of conservation of mass using the particle model.

6.     I can explain how cell structure is related to function.

7.     I can identify how organ systems interact in a multicellular organism.

8.     I can describe how microbes are harmful and helpful.

9.     I can explain how the immune system protects humans from pathogens.

10. I can describe how humans prevent and treat infectious disease.