6th grade Science

Ms.Kirk's e-mail is: Kim.Kirk@mpls.k12.mn.us

If students are absent, they are responsible for asking Ms. Kirk about any labs/assignments/homework they need to make up.  Come on Wednesdays during Advisory to make up any labs.

Quarter 4

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for April 22nd - April 26th:

We are starting the 4th and last unit for this year.  It is called Structure & Function in Living Systems. We are going to dive into the invisible world of cells.  The students will be learning how to use a more complex miscroscope in order to see these cells.  

HOMEWORK/CLASS ASSIGNMENTS for April 15th - April 19th:

Class assignment for Wednesday, April 17th: Finish doing the Color Blindness Tests from Tuesday (and recording your results on the handout).  Then, for fun, use this link to try some other color tests.

Class assignment for Tuesday, April 16th: Do the Color Blindness Tests by using your handout (print out below if needed) and this link.  Read the directions carefully so that you do each test properly.  Then record your scores and what you earned about yourself and the way you see colors.