6th Grade: Awesome 2017-18 Children's Books

Here are some exemplary examples of Children's Books from the 2017-18 school year.  You can click on the covers to read the entire book.  Exemplary examples from previous school years can be accessed on the sidebar on the right.

It's Ok To Be Different
by Ariana A.
"The Lonely Binder"
by Jimmy C.
"The Kittens Cupcake Shop"
by Sophie J.
"The Purple Brontosaurus"
by Eli K.
"If You Eat Junk, You Feel Like Junk!"
by Kelsey N.
"No More Vegetables"
by Ada T.
by Caitlin D.
"Inner Beauty"
by Sam H.
"Fire and Water"
by Iris R.
"Speed Up'
by Jordyn S.