6th Grade: Awesome 2016-17 Children's Books

Here are some exemplary examples of Children's Books from the 2016-17 school year.  You can click on the covers to read the entire book.  Exemplary examples from previous school years can be accessed on the sidebar on the right.

"The Grumpy Hippo"
by Dylan M.
"Shadow Presences and How to Catch Them"
by Finn R.
"Sofia and the Missing Doll"
by Eliza W.
Mandy and Mouse
by Elsa Y.
"Living in a Logging Camp"
by Marissa H.
"Bert The Bean's Marvelous Secret"
by Chloe C.
"The Story That Streit Never Told Us"
by Everett A.
"Tom the Turtle Saves the Day"
by Ruby C.
"Dreaming of Dragonflies"
by Emma P.
by Carolyn C.
"The Lonely Tomato"
by Khy P.
"Princess Augusta"
by Sophia C.
"Penguins Can't Fly"
by Aidan M.
"The Sun and the Moon and the Stars!"
by Jadyn G.
"Amber and the Magic Flying Towel"
by Lindsey M.