6th Grade: Awesome 2015-16 Children's Books

Here are some exemplary examples of Children's Books from the 2015-16 school year.  You can click on the covers to read the entire book.

"Mai and Tou go to America"
by Mia J.
"Mittens and Snowball"
by Shawna G.
by Mollie K.
"The Tall Tale of Little Maria"
by Sophie M.
"Me and My Giants Too"
by Remy O.
"A Helping Paw (or Two)"
by Paola R.
"Webster's First Day"
by Maddie K.
"Then It's A Cat...RUN!"
by Jake H.
"Smith Can't Sleep"
by Ellie D.
"Second Chance"
by Naomi R.
"Attack of the Snow Aliens from Pluto"
by Tate L.
"The Empire Striet is Back!"
by Sophia S.
"The Purple Rainboots"
by Claire H.
"Marvolo's Inner Beauty"
by Ellie H.