Weekly update 4.15.16


We have had a great week and we are very excited for our pizza party today!  I think the sun has helped everyone with a positive and upbeat outlook as well.


We have been studying fairy tales and have learned elements of this genre.  They include:  beginning and ending with special words, characters who are royalty, magic in the tale, things happening in threes or sevens, good/evil with good usually winning and often have a palace for a setting.  Your child should be able to tell you about many of these elements.  


We are studying the life cycles of insects and specifically the mealworm.


In math we are starting to work on measurement and different tools used for measuring.  We are also studying three dimensional shapes and polygons.  Ask your child to describe a polygon - a face - the difference between two dimensional and three dimensional.  Your child should also be able to explain measurement using a yardstick and a ruler.


We have continued playing with and learning different idioms.


In our second Junior Achievement lesson we learned about production.  Ask your child what we did yesterday with donut production.


**Please return the field trip slip for our Earth Day Litter collection

**April take home project due :  April 29


Enjoy the weekend!


Weekly Update 2.15.16


As we continue the Read a Thon I wanted to remind you that this Friday is School Spirit Day.  Students may wear their LHCS clothes or blue and green.


Also, please see information below regarding the used book sale:


Used Book Drive 

Please donate your gently used books to the LHCS Used Book Sale. Drop off sites are UC Media Center and LC Room 123A. The Used Book Sale will be February 25-26 and books will be priced at 50 cents-$1.00. UC Proceeds will go to the UC Media Center. LC Proceeds will go to the LHCS PTA. Unsold books will be donated to a treatment center that is requesting books for their clients and families! Stock up on some books for the last days of the Readathon! Reading is SNOWmuch fun!



Thanks for continuing to participate in the Read  a Thon!



Weekly Update 2.22.16


Several items.


**Your child may bring in money for the book sale on Thursday/Friday.  We will be going to shop in the  morning.  The rates are 50 cents and 1.00.


**If  you would still like to donate used books  you may send those tomorrow.


**Please remember that I will need your read a thon slips turned in next week.  Even if you do not collect money we still count the  minutes.  Thanks.


**We will be leaving at 9:30 tomorrow morning for our field trip.  Please make sure your child is at school on time.


**Your child brought home information about the Read In yesterday.  Please refer to that information for ideas on what students may bring for this special day.




Weekly Update 2.29.16


Please be sure to turn in your read a thon minutes logged forms!  We need ALL students to turn them in.  It doesn't matter if your child has collected money or not.  If everyone turns them in we will get a special treat from the Read a Thon.:))


We start with our Artist in Residence tomorrow.  You are welcome to come into the classroom during our last session to hear the students and see what they have done with poetry!  Thursday, March 10th at 1:00.


Book order comes home today.


We had a special visit with the Green Team today - a group of students from Southwest High School that shared information on honeybees, energy, and pollution.  Ask your child what he/she learned!


Have a great day-


Weekly Update 3.7.16


A reminder you are invited into our classroom on Thursday, March 10 at 1:15.  


Students will share a poem that they  have written with our Artist In Residence.  The PTA generously funded the grant for the Artist.


We will finish by 1:50.



Weekly Update 3.14.16


We had a very exciting day; the students packed their gear and moved into the computer lab.  Our classroom is on the docket to be painted starting tomorrow.   The painters believe this could be about a 7 day process.  


I did send homework today.  I will NOT send homework next Monday.  



Weekly Update 11.20.15

Good Morning Families,

We have had a great week.  Yesterday students were treated to a Native American Assembly with a group talking to us about their dancing and customs and they danced for us.
We read Molly's Pilgrim this week and looked at family structure, treating people appropriately, and the true meaning of being a pilgrim.  We made connections and inferences with our reading. We drew a turkey and wrote about how we could make a turkey a pet.   We worked with transition words in writing and practiced writing friendly letters and instructions.  
In math we have been focusing on missing number story problems.  We are working with graphing and probability as well.  
**Tessellation project due on Tuesday.
**I will not send IXL, spelling, or reading homework next week.  Your child may practice on a Choice IXL if he/she has time
** Please remember to send appropriate outdoor clothes with your child...we have recess daily.
I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving.  I am truly thankful for having partnerships with each of you and your child.  We have an amazing group of students in the classroom.  Thank you for your support!
Weekly Update 11.13.15

Good Morning,

We have a group of bee and art experts in our room.  We had two special visits this week.  The first was our second Art Adventure visit looking at pieces of art from The Let's Celebrate Life collection.  Students voice truly amazing questions as they view the pieces.  Yesterday Kelley, the owner of The Minnesota Honey Company, visited with our classroom.  He taught us so many interesting facts about honey bees.  In addition, he brought each student a honey straw.  This store is located at 4956 Xerxes if you would like to stop in.  Ask your child some information he/she learned this week from our two fabulous visits.
We uncovered an interesting component in math this week.  When you add odd and odd the sum is even.  When  you add even and even the sum is even.  When you add odd and even the sum is odd.  When you add even and odd the sum is odd.  We are continuing to work with base 10.  
We continued to read and work with the elements of fables.  We learned about adverbs.  
We are working on being inclusive on the playground and gratitude.  
**November project due:  11/24/15  
** Book order coming home Monday.  Last book order before the holiday break.  If you would like to order anything for gifts let me know and I can tuck them away for you.
Weekly Update 10.23.15

Good Morning,

This week we have been reading fiction and informational texts about bats.  We are practiced note taking. We looked at non-fiction text features.   We also did a Reader's Theatre play about bats - students loved it.    We are working with past tense verbs and correctly ending the verb.  
We talked about being a bully, being an ally, and being a bystander.  We also talked about anger and ways we can calm ourselves when we are angry.
We worked with money, telling time, and missing numbers in math.  We are also continuing work work with two step story problems.
We are publishing our personal narratives and sharing them with our class.
We learned about being a good citizen and what The Bill of Rights means.  
**Harvest Party next Wednesday 10/28--10:00-11:30.  You are welcome to stop by our classroom.  As a  reminder, students do not wear costumes.
**November home project will be handed out on Monday, November 2.
Enjoy the weekend-
Weekly Update 10.28

We had a fabulous Harvest Party today.  Your kids will share everything we did.  Thank you to the parents who organized the event and were able to help out and contribute to the event.  It is much appreciated!

This week we have worked with asking questions.  We have focused on schema and inference.
In math we are focusing on place value, building numbers, and expanding numbers.
**As you know your child brought an order form home for you to purchase a class book if you wish that we are sending to a publisher.  Each student will have a page in the book.  These are nice for a small memory of second grade.  If you want to purchase I need the payment and envelope in by Wednesday, November 4.  If you choose not to purchase please return the form and sign the form with the "NO" checked.  I have to turn the material into the publisher on the 6th and I will not be able to order copies beyond the date in which I send the order in.
Have a great weekend!
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