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201   Weekly News    October 8 - 12, 2018                    

Monday— Day 2 media

      We started unit 2 in Benchmark Reading.  We will be focusing on characters.  We will be reading fairy tales, and fables.  Ask me what I have learned about fairy tales and fables.  In math we are focusing on story problems.  I have steps to complete each story problem.  Ask me about the steps of a story problem.


Tuesday-day 3 gym

     We are focusing on describing a character.  Ask me about a character we read about this week.  We are focusing on our guppies this week.  Ask me the difference between a boy and girl guppy.  Ask me about our aquarium.  Oscar’s mom came in and read for his birthday.  Ask me about the story she read.


Wednesday – day 4 art

         We are focusing on retelling a story using key details and sequence.  Ask me to retell either the of the stories we read this week.  The Ant and the Grasshopper or Little Red Riding Hood.


Thursday—day 1  music

      We spent time observing our aquariums today.  We drew a picture of the aquarium and wrote about the changes that have taken place.  We worked on dialogue.  Ask me what dialogue is and how we show it in writing.


Friday—day 2 media

     Happy Friday!  We took our spelling test today.  We went to the computer lab.  We had sketchpad time with our friends,


A Look Ahead

   Tuesday, October 16th   4-8pm  conferences

    Wednesday, October 17th  all day conferences


201   Weekly News  October 1 -5, 2018                      

Monday— Day 1 music

      We went on our field trip to the Arboretum.  It was a lot of fun.  I learned about pumpkins and the pumpkin family.  We learned the pumpkin family is called Cucurbita.  We also learned scientists do not say fruits and vegetables.  They call them seed holders and not seed holders.  We planted two pumpkin seeds.


Tuesday-day 2  media

     We are learning about common and proper nouns.  We are also working on verb tense.  We practiced cause and effect this week.  In math we are working on combinations and turn around facts. 

Ask me about turn around facts.  Ask me to give you a cause and effect statement.  We are also working on asking questions.


Wednesday – day 3 gym

         We have been studying our aquariums.  We have water plants (Elodea and Cabomba).  We also have pond snails and guppies.  We are learning about all of the above.  Ask me questions about the aquarium.


Thursday—day 4  art

      We reviewed nouns and verbs.  We are practicing cause and effect.   We are also learning about fact and opinion.   Ask me what a fact is and what an opinion is.  See if I can give you an example.  Many of us have earned 10 green tickets and have traded them in for a prize.   Ask me about the green tickets and what it means to be “all in”.


   Friday—day 1  music

     Happy Friday! It was picture day today.  We had our pictures taken right away in the morning.  We took our spelling test today. We went to the computer lab today.  We had sketchpad time.  Ask me what I draw in my sketchpad and who I draw with.


A Look Ahead

   Tuesday, October 9th  Happy Birthday Oscar

    Thursday, October 11th  4-8pm  conferences

    Saturday, October 13th  Happy birthday Lucy   


201   Weekly News    September 24 - 28, 2018                     

Monday— Day 4  art

      It was pajama day.  What a fun way to start the week.  We are working in reading on non-fiction text features.  Ask me about them.  We are also working on nouns and verbs.  Ask me what a noun is and what a verb is. 


Tuesday-day 1  music

     It was great to see so many of you at curriculum night.  It has been kind of a crazy week with so many special days leading up to the Dragon Dash.  It was fun to see all the hats today.  In math we are working on the greater than, less than symbol.  Ask me about it.  Ask me to write two numbers and then put the symbol in between and read it to you.


Wednesday – day 2  media

         We had stuffed animal today.  We introduced our stuffed animal to the class and told them all about it.  We read a book about being a responsible citizen.  Ask me what a responsible citizen does.  (respect others, honest, makes good decisions, follows the rules)


Thursday—day 3  gym

      We did the Dragon Dash today.  We had our crazy hair and our Dragon Dash T-shirts it was so fun to see.  We journaled about our plants.  They are changing daily.  We observed our aquariums.  They have two different water plants.  Ask me what the plant names are.  Ask me what else is in the aquarium.


   Friday—day 4  art

     Happy Friday! We had the Dragon Dash assembly today.  It was fun to see Mrs. Tilleson get slimed.


A Look Ahead

   Monday, October 1st  Field trip to the Arboretum

     Friday, October 5th  Picture day   



201   Weekly News      September 17 - 21, 2018                  

Monday— Day 3 gym

      We started the morning with an assembly.  We learned about the Booster-thon.  It was fun and we are excited!  We took apart our seeds in science to explore what was inside.  Ask me about the parts of a seed.  (seed coat, stored food, baby plant, hilum)


Tuesday-day 4 art

      We started learning about the coins in math today.  Ask me about the coins and how much they are worth.  You can help at home by giving me some coins to identify and tell you how much they are worth.   Ask me about the touch points on the coins.  We planted our own seeds today.  Ask me what I planted.


Wednesday – day 1 music

         We had another assembly today.  This one was about the B’s.  We learned about the school rules.  Be safe, be respectful, be responsible, and be kind.  We also took our fastbridge test today. 


Thursday—day 2 media

      We are learning about communities in reading.  We are reading stories about people who have helped their community.  Ask me what a community is and what communities I think I belong to.  In Science we observed and compared two woodland plants.  Ask me about them. 


   Friday—day 2  media

     Happy Friday! We had some silly socks on today.  We had free choice time today with our friends for earning so many pledges.   We celebrated Stellan’s birthday!


A Look Ahead

     Tuesday, September 25th  Curriculum night 6-7pm

     Thursday, September 27  Dragon Dash fun run 11am

     Friday, September 28th  Final assesmbly for Dragon Dash

     Monday, October 1st  Field trip to the Arboretum 


    201   Weekly News     September 10- 14, 2018                   

Monday— Day 2  media

      We started reading stations today.  I go to four different stations each day.  Ask me about the stations and what I do in each.  We started our first science unit today.  It is called organisms.  Ask me what an organism is.


Tuesday-day 3  gym

      We decided as a class that trying to take our blue folders home every night was too much.  We will save everything up and only bring the folder home on Tuesdays.  This is how it is done at Lake Harriet.  Sorry for the confusion.  Mrs. Rice is still learning.


Wednesday – day 4  art

         We had a practice code yellow today.  That means we stay in the room and keep doing our work.  Mrs. Rice closes and locks the door.  We did a great job.  We learned about what organisms need to live.  Ask me what an organism needs to live.  We played a math game called how many am I hiding.  Ask me about it.


Thursday—day 1  music

      We learned two new math games today.  They are called compare and double compare.  Compare is like the old card game “war” and double compare I flip over two cards and have to add them together and then decided who has more.  You can play those games with me at home. 


   Friday—day 2  media

     Happy Friday! We went to the computer lab today.  We had sketchpad time today with our friends. 

A Look Ahead

     Monday, September 17th  pep rally for dragon dash

     Tuesday, September 25th  Curriculum night 6-7pm


201   Weekly News      September 3-7, 2018                  


      Labor Day—no school


Tuesday-day 2  media

     It was very rainy today and we had to have inside recess.  We reviewed our classroom rules and expectations.  We learned about the I-pads and used them today to go on Reading A-Z (Raz Kids) during reading time.  We read a story called Shiver Me Letters

and wrote about the story.  Ask me about the story.


Wednesday – day 3  gym

         We had a fire drill today.  We did a great job!   We had reading groups and math groups today.  We are learning about how to work in a group and how to transition to the next group when the timer goes off.  We are learning how to use our promethean board.  We use it during calendar time.  Ask me about calendar time and what we do on the board.


Thursday—day 4  art

      We had an awesome day and earned an extra recess because we worked so hard.  We read a story called Going To The Beach.  We made a text-to-self connection to the story.   Ask me about my favorite part and why that was my favorite part.


   Friday—day 1  media

     Happy Friday! We went to the computer lab today.   We learned about sketchpads and had sketchpad time today with our friends.  We had another practice fire drill this afternoon.

A Look Ahead

     Monday, September 17th  pep rally for dragon dash

     Tuesday, September 25th  Curriculum night 6-7pm

     Thursday, September 27th Dragon dash 11:00am


201   Weekly News                        

Monday—day 1  music  

      Wow!  We had an amazing first day of first grade.  We learned about our new friends and our new classroom.  We learned all about our new chairs and how to sit on them.  Ask me about the three ways to use my yoga ball.


Tuesday-day2  media

     It was very rainy today but we still made it outside to recess.  Our recess time is right after lunch.  We read a story today about school rules.  We came up with rules for our classroom.  We learned about all the tools in our desks.


Wednesday – day 3  gym

         We learned about pattern blocks and play-doh today.    It was fun.  We learned about the discs we can sit on at the carpet.  Ask me about the discs and how we use them.


Thursday—day4  art

      We celebrated Riley’s birthday today.  Her family came in and read her favorite book from home to the class.  We made a birthday graph today.  We learned about dry erase boards and markers.  We had time to draw and write.


   Friday—day1  media

     Happy Friday!  We celebrated Connor’s birthday today. We went to the computer lab today.  We had a great first week of school.  We have already learned so much about first grade. J


A Look Ahead

     Saturday, September 1st  Happy Birthday Connor!

     Sunday, September 2nd  Happy Birthday Charlotte!

      Monday, September 3rd  no school Labor Day