Volunteer Forms & Policies

Volunteer Forms & Policies

If you are a parent and would like to volunteer at Lake Harriet, you must submit the Volunteer Form on-line or, alternatively, you may download the form to print, complete by hand and return to either campus school office.  The Volunteer Form is kept on file for nine years  - from kindergarten through eighth grade for your first child so if you have previously filled it out, you do not need to fill out another unless you have moved or changed names.
if you think you will ever help out in a way where you would be unsupervised or alone with children such as a field trip, tutoring, volunteering at the Science Fair or the Carnival etc., click here to download a copy of the Criminal Background Check form, complete by hand and return to the Minneapolis Public School along with $5.00 (see address on page 4 of the form).  Processing will take 2 weeks.  This form is to be completed each school year. 
Prior to volunteering, please review the attached Volunteer Policy



MPS Volunteer Information Form

Click here to download the form to print and complete by hand.  Turn in to either the Upper or Lower Campus school office.

Criminal Background Check Form

Click here to download a copy of this form. This form is needed for any position where you are alone with children such as tutoring or field trips and must be turned in to in to the Upper or Lower campus office with $5.00 in order to be processed.  Processing will take 2 weeks.