US Studies

PDF Declaration of Independence Webquest   --  A copy of the Declaration of Independence Webquest with links for students!
PDF US Studies Syllabus 2018-19   --  A copy of the syllabus handed out to students on 8/28/18
PDF Articles of Confederation Webquest   --  Students will be working on this webquest during class on 9/6/18. Any portion not completed in class will be homework. Due 9/7/18. Use the links enclosed on the "Articles of Confederation Webquest" to learn about the United States' government between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!
document Constitution & Constitutional Convention Webquest   --  Copy of "Constitution & Constitutional Convention Webquest" with links! Students will have class time 9/7/18 to work on the webquest. Anything not completed in class will be homework. Due 9/10/18 Questions 1-4 Questions 5-6 Questions 7-9 Questions 10-11 Questions 12-13
document Constitution Webquest   --  Students will be working on a webquest learning about the supreme document in American history, the US Constitution. Students will start the webquest on Friday, 9/14 and continue working on it Monday, 9/17. This assignment will be completed in class so it is not homework!
PDF Bill of Rights Poster Project   --  Students will create a 8.5x11 poster of one of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution (the Bill of Rights!). Students will start the project on 9/24 and have the class period to work on it 9/25. Due Wednesday, 9/26.
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