US Studies
Students will play the Oregon Trail after completing the Webquest
PDF Declaration of Independence Webquest   --  A copy of the Declaration of Independence Webquest with links for students!
PDF US Studies Syllabus 2018-19   --  A copy of the syllabus handed out to students on 8/28/18
PDF Articles of Confederation Webquest   --  Students will be working on this webquest during class on 9/6/18. Any portion not completed in class will be homework. Due 9/7/18. Use the links enclosed on the "Articles of Confederation Webquest" to learn about the United States' government between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!
document Constitution & Constitutional Convention Webquest   --  Copy of "Constitution & Constitutional Convention Webquest" with links! Students will have class time 9/7/18 to work on the webquest. Anything not completed in class will be homework. Due 9/10/18 Questions 1-4 Questions 5-6 Questions 7-9 Questions 10-11 Questions 12-13
document Constitution Webquest   --  Students will be working on a webquest learning about the supreme document in American history, the US Constitution. Students will start the webquest on Friday, 9/14 and continue working on it Monday, 9/17. This assignment will be completed in class so it is not homework!
PDF Bill of Rights Poster Project   --  Students will create a 8.5x11 poster of one of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution (the Bill of Rights!). Students will start the project on 9/24 and have the class period to work on it 9/25. Due Wednesday, 9/26.
PDF Bill of Rights Notes   --  Notes for The Bill of Rights
document Unit One Test Review   --  Review questions for Unit One Civics Test. Due before the test, Tuesday October 9th
PDF Chapter 8   --  For use with unit one review questions
PDF Chapter 9   --  For use with unit one review questions
PDF Chapter 10   --  For use with unit one review questions
PDF The Louisiana Purchase   --  Students will use the clues to find the boundries of the Louisiana Purchase. Map is due 10/12.
PDF Oregon Trail Webquest   --  Students will use the following link to answer the questions associated with the webquest! We will start the webquest on Monday, October 22nd and have class time Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Due Thursday, October 25th. Once completed students can play the "Oregon Trail" computer game linked below. Link for Webquest------> Link for Game------>
PDF Chapter 12   --  Foreign affairs in the young republic!
PDF Remediation Form   --  Students can correct their Unit One Test and earn half their points back. Due Monday, October 29th!
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