US Studies
Students will play the Oregon Trail after completing the Webquest
PDF US Studies Syllabus 2018-19   --  A copy of the syllabus handed out to students on 8/28/18
document Westward Expansion Notes   --  Notes for class 11/26-11/27
document Westward Expansion Guided Notes   --  For use with the Westward Expanison notes from 11/26-11/27
PDF Chapter 15   --  Students will read chapter 15 and complete the associated work packet for chapter 15. Due Tuesday, December 4th.
PDF Chapter 15: Manifest Destiny   --  Read chapter 15 and complete this work packet. Due Tuesday, December 4th.
PDF The U.S.-Mexican War Webquest   --  Students will work on the webquest in class 12/6-12/7. Due 12/10.
PDF Indian Removal Act Webquest   --  Students will be researching and writing a 1-2 page essay on the experiences of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, or Seminole peoples forced march on the Trail of Tears. Students will have class time 12/12-12/14 to work on their research and essay. Due 12/17.
document Chapter 16 Notes   --  Chapter 16 Notes
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